One peer passenger

Only one 16 – 21-year-old passenger allowed during the P1 stage. Exclusions apply.


P1 passenger restrictions

New P1 drivers under 25 are restricted to carrying one peer passenger aged 16-21 years old.

P1 drivers have limited experience and need to devote their attention to the driving task. Removing distractions like peer passengers is a proven way to help reduce distractions and protect new drivers.

If you progressed to the P1 stage before 1 December 2020 these restrictions do not apply.

See the Peer Passenger Restrictions Factsheet for more information on these restrictions and example scenarios.

You can use the Peer Passenger Exemption form to assist you demonstrate that you have a valid reason for an exemption. This is not an official exemption application or legal document that will automatically exempt you. It is a way to help demonstrate to Police how you have met the exemption criteria.

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