80 Logbook hours

Learners are required to log 80 logbook hours, including 15 hours at night.


Logbook hours

Learner licence holders and L1 licence holders are required to log at least 80 hours, including 15 at night.

Any hours logged in the L1 stage prior to 1 December are counted towards the 80 hours.

The more supervised driving hours you get, the safer you will be when you start driving on your own.

To help get the compulsory logbook hours in the learner stage, you can:

  • attend a Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) program and gain five hours for your learner logbook (only valid for L1 licence holders and new learners who participate in a 2020 course onwards);
  • get a one hour lesson with a certified driving instructor and gain two hours for your learner logbook (capped at 10 lessons);
  • access a Keys2drive free lesson and gain a credit hour for your learner logbook (this is included in the 10 lesson cap); and
  • access a Plates Plus free lesson through the Keys2drive initiative and gain a credit hour for your learner logbook (this is included in the 10 lesson cap).

The use of the abovementioned credit hours has been approved by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles.

If you hold an L2 licence you will continue with the same licence process you started on. This means you will need to hold the licence for a minimum of nine continuous months and log at least 50 compulsory logbook hours.

For help with recording credit and night time hours see the recording logbook hours page.

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